Here you will find poems published (or abandoned) and shared.

Fly Right – Published by Light – A Journal of Photography & Poetry, Summer 2018 Issue

Napa Cabbage – published by Rat’s Ass Review, Summer 2017 Issue

Questions for Mods – published by The Asses of Parnassus

Today I Bake – Published by Pilcrow & Dagger, October 2015

The Significance of Grass – published by The Tishman Review, July 2015

Kiss and Tell by Pilcrow & Dagger, July 2015

Oceanside Resort and Star-crossed by Pilcrow & Dagger, May/June 2015

Flying Over – published by Pegasus, Spring 2013 issue

The Year of Firsts – published in anthology On Our Own, Widowhood for Smarties from Silver Boomer Books in 2012.

2 responses to “Poems

  1. Susan Courson

    I met you this weekend at Bluestem Hall for Jill & Jordan’s wedding. I love your poetry. Seems true and meaningful to me. Life events inspire us in so many ways. Hoping to come to your group one day. Susan, Lottie Brogan Linens


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