Near miss

I received an email this week from the fine journal no tokens. I had submitted to them once last year and got a very polite rejections. This time, it was very encouraging. According to Duotrope, a submission tracker I use, the average response time for no tokens is 31 days and but it was 65 days for this one so I think it really was under consideration. Looks like I’ve got a Submission Sunday coming up to get them back out there.

Dear James Escher,

Thank you so much for sending us “James Escher Poems”. Although we are going to pass, we enjoyed these poems very much. We particularly admired “Napa Cabbage,” but, ultimately, it does not quite fit into the narrative of this current issue.

I hope that you’ll send us more work during our next reading period. Best of luck, in the meantime, with all of your current projects.

With gratitude,
Lauren Hilger
no tokens

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