Monthly CUP Generative Workshop

I’m starting a monthly poetry workshop to raise money for the Champaign Urbana Poetry Group. Our first one is January 22, 2016. Details below and the link is here.

Please join me for our first monthly generative poetry workshop. We will engage in a number of prompts to produce rough drafts of new poems. Unlike our weekly critical workshops, you need only bring your preferred writing medium, be it pen/paper or laptop, for the exercises and prompts.

The library doesn’t open until 10 on Saturdays so we will start at 10:15 to allow for people to get beverages and settle in upstairs in room 215. Then we will start with a quick free write and move through 3 separate prompts with discussion in between.

Please note – in addition to enhancing our group experience, these monthly workshops are intended to be a bit of a fundraiser to cover costs of the Meetup site and library room rental so I will be asking for a $5.00 donation from each attendee. If you find this to truly be a hardship that would prevent you from attending, please contact me separately. Ideally, in addition to covering the fees for running the group we may be able to offer scholarships for future monthly workshops.


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